Where it all started

And this is when it all began.

A month ago. The @corkindependent gave us the Christmas Decorating feature. It was time to stop dreaming and start doing. And here’s how the story goes…we didn’t even get to discuss it really. I had 3 days compulsory leave to take to lose. I got busy setting up Insta Facebook & YouTube accounts, took the @myhomemythrone name. Mocked up a logo. Texted Grace “ok Grace. I’ve had a busy few days. I’ve found @myhomemythrone is available as a name. Captures everything we love. A blog 4 Home lovers from 2 Home lovers – design decor diy. I need you on this adventure.” Reply from Grace: “Thelma, Louise here. I’m in. I just bought the domain myhomemythrone.com.”

And that was it. The honest truth & we’ve the texts to prove it!!! One month on and we’ve hit 2500+ followers!!! Have you any idea what a blast we’re having??? Life is busy as hell. But OMG the messages we get, the support, the love-it’s just been such an incredibly reaction and welcome to our new Insta community and friends. Just such a positive social media experience I’m blown away. All and I do mean ALL thanks to our followers. This wouldn’t exist without YOU – literally.

To thank you we have a little bit of a skit coming at you before Friday.

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