Winter Getaway

We are lucky enough to be in Portugal for a few days to top up on some vitamin D. 9 years ago after the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is no history of it in my family and they believe the birth was the catalyst for its arrival. I was devastated and the news has changed my life completely. Before the diagnosis I was working full time in marketing and was one of those gals who was 100% career focused, loved any kind of exercise that nearly killed me and nothing could stop me doing what I wanted. How life has changed. I had to give up working full time because of my condition and for the past 9 years life has been about medications, trying to work out who I am now and really surviving for my kids. The only place my body feels good is in the warm climates, so a blast of heat is a tonic for me.


It hasn’t been easy for the kids especially my oldest who worries so much about me, so they deserve a little treat like this too. For anyone reading this who might be in the same position. Stay positive which I know can be so hard. (After an exhausting and extensive search I think I might have found the cocktail of drugs which has the disease under control(fingers crossed)) Find yourself the best doctor, try everything…,u never know what might work for you this disease is different for everyone.

Keep fighting but most importantly there r days u just need to give yourself a break, that’s ok too!


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How can a plate be this pretty


How can a plate be this gorgeous??!!

A work of art! A masterpiece! Sunday morning breakfasts should be special and this morning I’ve whipped out the Wedgewood to compensate for my lack of cooking the usual pancakes, french toast or fresh scones!! I’ll always tell the story about the day I fell in love with my beloved china set. Went into @officialbrownthomasto buy a @magimixuk that I had been saving up for and came home with my gilded darlings!!! A dream of mine would be to visit the @wedgwood factory to meet the genius crafts team behind the design and production of these golden wonders.

Have you seen what they did for their Orient Express collaboration??

Simply stunning!! Xxx Rachel .

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Where it all started

And this is when it all began.

A month ago. The @corkindependent gave us the Christmas Decorating feature. It was time to stop dreaming and start doing. And here’s how the story goes…we didn’t even get to discuss it really. I had 3 days compulsory leave to take to lose. I got busy setting up Insta Facebook & YouTube accounts, took the @myhomemythrone name. Mocked up a logo. Texted Grace “ok Grace. I’ve had a busy few days. I’ve found @myhomemythrone is available as a name. Captures everything we love. A blog 4 Home lovers from 2 Home lovers – design decor diy. I need you on this adventure.” Reply from Grace: “Thelma, Louise here. I’m in. I just bought the domain”

And that was it. The honest truth & we’ve the texts to prove it!!! One month on and we’ve hit 2500+ followers!!! Have you any idea what a blast we’re having??? Life is busy as hell. But OMG the messages we get, the support, the love-it’s just been such an incredibly reaction and welcome to our new Insta community and friends. Just such a positive social media experience I’m blown away. All and I do mean ALL thanks to our followers. This wouldn’t exist without YOU – literally.

To thank you we have a little bit of a skit coming at you before Friday.

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