A little bit about us


Our Story

Neighbours who bonded over our passion of being creative and a love of all things design related. With both having a creative “itch to scratch” Grace and Rachel joined forces, set up #myhomemythrone to share the things they love to do, to inform, inspire and entertain!

Grace Graham Dunne  – Aka #GGD

Borning in Kilkenny, now living in Cork with two kids and a husband. Having worked in the area of media, marketing & design for over 18 years in Dublin and in Cork, its was after my first baby I got sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was forced to change how I lived, to be the kind of mum I wanted to be, but still needed to work in some capacity to keep the grey matter alive! I have a huge love all of all things design related, a need and desire to be active, but most importantly I have a good laugh!

Rachel O Leary  – Aka #RachelO